Choice Of Inspiration

Who inspires you is a significant definer of your life choices as your actions, intentionally or unintentionally, tries to mimick the role model in order to be like her/him. While some people’s actions will inspire you involuntarily, for most of the time, the choice to idolize someone lies in your hand. But how? We idolizeContinue reading “Choice Of Inspiration”

Do What Needs To Be Done

To get what you want, you need to do what is required. No excuses. The only golden rule to adhere to: Your actions should not harm others. All the procrastination has to stop, all the low feelings has to be ignored, the hardships toiled through. At times, you just have to breathe in deep, buckleContinue reading “Do What Needs To Be Done”

Reaching Out To The World

When in pursuit of something, the first step to take is to reach out to the world proactively. Until this happens, the world will never come to you. What is meant by reaching out to the world? In your journey to achieve something, when faced with a distant opportunity or a challenge, it’s important toContinue reading “Reaching Out To The World”

Benefits of Writing Things Down

Writing something is an intimate process requiring deep engagement. So, when trying to remember things, writing helps us in retaining it better. Writing is meditative in nature. As such journalling proves to be a good practice for taking care of our mental health. Writing helps us gain better mental clarity by necessitating efforts into structuringContinue reading “Benefits of Writing Things Down”

Mastery Through Boredom

If one goes through the daily routines of the world’s top athletes, a cmon observation would be their dedication to a fixed routine day after day, year after year. Some in fact admits that their daily schedule is nothing exciting but plain and straight boring. Yet they stick to it because it helps them achieveContinue reading “Mastery Through Boredom”

Playing The Long Game

If the aim is to build a business or a product and GROW it sustainably into the future, the decisions should be aligned with these goals right from the get go. This means, all the choices made should be competent enough to cater to the present demands while potent enough to build on top ofContinue reading “Playing The Long Game”

Braving Imperfections

The first step to achieve mastery over a subject is to GET STARTED. The next step is TO BE CONSISTENT IN PERSISTENCE. While many people dream of mastery in their field of choice, a huge swath of people gets out of the competition towards mastery owing to not getting started. The next filtering happens duringContinue reading “Braving Imperfections”

Aligning Routines With Your Future Self

Starting right off the bat for this topic, your daily routine determines the person you are becoming and the person you would be. In life, intended change can be brought about through incremental changes and this is possible only through the power of habit. Your habits affect certain parts of your life’s area slowly andContinue reading “Aligning Routines With Your Future Self”

UN-Digitization Of Daily Life

The benefits brought about by the wave of digitization cannot be ignored-it has made processes efficient, connects people remotely and enabled high degree of accessibility across various aspects. The transformation wave has been so impactful that if left unchecked, just like any other thing, it’s cons would (in fact it already has) start rearing itsContinue reading “UN-Digitization Of Daily Life”