Apple bans apps hosting secret parties, Facebook’s Ad Integrity head leaves company and more @ #techbrief3

  1. Apple bans app allowing hosting of secret parties. Putting in a fight against the spread of COVID, Apple banned apps like Vybe Together, which allowed people to locate secret indoor house parties in their vicinity (some of such parties included those held in violation of state guidelines).
Credit: Apple App Store
  1. Google search result gets an upgrade – now displays a carousel of short videos as part of its search results. The search engine on mobile devices are now aggregating short-form videos from various apps including Instagram and TikTok.
Credit: Google
  1. Second annual “Finger on the App” challenge is coming on Feb. 19. Announced by Mr. Beast, the popular YouTuber, the game has a reward of $100,000 for whoever can keep their finger on their smartphone the longest via an app designed for this purpose. 
Credit: YouTube
  1. HBO Max’s mobile app set a record following a 554K download. This download growth was triggered post the release of “Wonder Woman 1984″ during the weekend.
Credit: HBO Max
  1. Facebook’s Head of Ad Integrity leaves company. Rob Leathern, chief of advertising integrity at Facebook, announced his exit on Twitter. Some of the Facebook’s more contentious ad policies, including policies on election and coronavirus misinformation, rolled out during his tenure.
Credit: Twitter

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