Door-step delivery of rental cars, new Tile tracker and more @ #techbrief6

1. Nintendo to acquire “Luigi’s Mansion” developer studio. Canadian studio “Next Level Games”, a second-party partner making games only for Nintendo platforms, is in talks for an acquisition by Nintendo. As per Nintendo, the acquisition will help in securing internal development resources and boost collaboration.

Next Level Games Logo | Credit: Next Level Games

2. Niantic acquires SF gaming startup Mayhem. The Pokémon GO creator bought this start-up, which is focused on building a league and tournament organization platform to help gamers create their own communities around popular titles, to reinforce their commitment to real-world social as the centrepiece of their mission.

Credit: Niantic

3. “Kyte” wants to deliver rental cars to your doorstep. The start-up built a fleet-logistics platform that lets consumers rent vehicles through the app or website. The vehicles are located in hubs throughout a city center which are delivered by gig economy workers right to the renters’ home. Kyte also handles the pickup and refuels the vehicle for no extra charge. On January 5, it raised $9 Million in funding from DN Capital and Amplo VC to realize its vision of door step delivery of rental cars.

Credit: Kyte

4. Tile to launch UWB-powered tracker. The new line-up will be powered by the ultra-wideband technology along with augmented reality to guide users to the tagged item’s location through its mobile app.

Rumored Tile tracker with UWB technology

5. Microsoft working on “One Outlook” app. Codenamed “Monarch”, the new app is intended for replacing Microsoft’s inbuilt Mail and Calendar apps on Windows 10 in the coming year. The efforts are a part of Microsoft’s One Outlook vision. The end goal of the app is to deliver the same user experience, irrespective of it being on either Windows or Mac.

Microsoft Outlook | Credit: Microsoft

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