Daily Blog. 13 Apr, 2021

I woke up with a pain towards the base of my neck-a throbbing pain that slowly crept towards the upper part of my head. Last night was equally uncomfortable-sleep being broken by sharp juts of pain-something which rarely occurred (maybe once or twice before). I began thinking of yesterday-maybe the sitting posture through out the day may have given me the stiff-neck-maybe a good stretching may help with the normalization of the blood flow? And so I woke and freshened up and started a good, well-paced stretching prior to getting into some freehand exercise. After maybe around 30 mins or so, I finally went to have my bath, dripping in sweat.

All awake and fresh from the bath, the pain seemed to decrease a little-part thanks to the stretching. Then I sat for around 10 minutes of meditation, prayed and finally went downstairs to grab an egg and banana, refill my water bottle and finally sat down to start the day. By the way as I sit here writing about my morning, the pain is almost gone-resonating feebly like a sound from a distant past 🙂

Thank you for your time.

See you tomorrow!


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