Daily Blog. 14 Apr, 2021

Happy New Year!!!

Yes, that’s right, it’s a new year for people and cultures across, a beginning as per the cultural calendars. For us, we call it Bohag Bihu, a celebration of new beginnings, renewing relations with loved ones and exchanging gifts and food as part of the festivity.

Today was a weird week for me, a shifting conflict of falling back to procrastination versus sticking to my daily habits of waking up and diligently following my morning rituals-the latter won 🙂

I woke up at around 1 AM in the middle of the night, recovering partially from a stiff neck. Owing to my afternoon nap yesterday, sleep seemed like a distant friend not willing to visit me. So I picked up my phone and started scrolling through my LinkedIN feed-a particular job opening caught my attention, I saved it and instantly logged into LinkedIN through my computer. What started as an online session for a single job application ended up with multiple (around 8 to 9) applications followed by some YouTube videos and finally falling back to sleep at around 5 AM.

I woke up (for a second time, definitely late-at around 9 AM) to a missed call from one of my beloved uncles, most probably an attempt to wish me a new year in the early morning. After freshening up, I started my morning stretches followed by a couple of free-hand exercises. A new thought struck my mind as I wrapped my free-hands-I could combines these free-hands focused on core muscles with my daily running habit, an activity I really love doing and have benefited from. I generally run for around 10 to 12 KMs a day right in the morning, around a large pool. Trust me, the journey is quite scenic and pleasant owing to the cool morning breeze-I will give a brief tour of my morning trip in another blog 🙂 The constraint I see is time-it take me around 2 hours right from the start of my morning runs till I have my bath and combining these free-hands along with the follow-up rituals (meditation and blogging) will only increase the time required. So maybe I will try to combine a more rigorous free-hand with a running distance shorted than the current one to adjust the timings while maintaining the overall rigor of the physical activity for a well-balanced strength and stamina development.

Coming back to my morning routines, after my bath, I tried the Wim Hof breathing technique in place of my usual meditation followed by my morning prayers. While the new practice did not have much difference today, will give it a try for the next 30 days to see if it helps me esp. with my calmness and mental clarity-some benefits I have realized over the years with various breathing exercises.

Post my morning practices, I had some water and supplements (multivitamins and cod liver oil), went downstairs to get some water and had to take some traditional breakfast-cereal with curd (the cereal is called “sira”) owing to insistence from my father as it’s a new year and everyone ought to have some of the traditional breakfast. I generally do not have breakfast as I started intermittent fasting since the last 2–2.5 months-I’ve found the method to be extremely effective, both from a weight loss perspective and overall well-being and aiding the digestion of food.

I came up, with a chips packet in hand (luckily bought some yesterday) to remove the aftertaste of raw, unprocessed curd. Now as I sit here writing my journal, my mind drifts to the various things I ought to catch up today and thereby I wrap up for the day.

Thank you for reading my journey.

See you tomorrow !!!

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