Daily Blog. 15 Apr, 2021

Today was quite an inversion of my day. Right from waking up at 9:30 AM (in place of the scheduled 6 AM leading to a frantic search for analog alarm clocks) to doing my morning rituals towards evening, everything was topsy-turvy, all because of a late morning.

Right after waking up, had some water and supplements and had to join a meet soon after. Once the meeting started, it was towards late afternoon (keeping aside just a few minutes where I connected with some of my family members and friends over call) that I made some time and went out with my baby brother for some grocery shopping. On returning, had to connect with a few colleagues for another meet post which I finally got some time to breathe in the whole day. And so I started my morning rituals at around 7 PM today starting from stretching and freehand workout and ending with Wim Hof meditation followed by prayers. Once I got all freshened up, I spent some time relaxing followed by dinner (my baby brother is a chef in the making 😉) and another short call with a few colleagues and finally wrapping up a long, hectic day.

Right before closing my work laptop, I opened the calendar to see tomorrow’s engagements. This is all part of a new habit I’m trying to inculcate into my daily routine-planning the day ahead, limiting mys work engagements to not more than 8 hours a day and noting down all the free time I’m having so that I can plan my personal activities accordingly.

Finally after closing my laptop, I switched to my favorite activity of the day-daily blogging. As I sit here writing, I plan on inculcating further discipline to hone my writings and plan out some stories for the world to read.

Thank you for reading my journey.

See you tomorrow!!!


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