Daily Blog. 16 Apr, 2021

I woke up at 9:30 AM, again re-checking my mobile to see if the 6 AM alarm went off or not. It surely did it’s duty, maybe it’s time for a old-school, analog alarm clock. Waking up late when I do not intend to surely pisses me off.

Without wasting much time I freshened up and joined an early meet with a client which went quite productively, considering the fact that I foresaw it not more than a 2 min catch-up in place of a 30-min meet since the client already shared a couple of detailed documents stating their requirements, something we were to discuss in today’s meet. But one thing that worked out was I, in an effort to make up for my late morning with some productive efforts, went through one of the documents and was able to identify the gaps in the information whose discussion easily filled up the entire slotted time and, in fact, some more. Content with the productive start, I shifted to other to-dos for the day, the mornings, a period I find myself to be most productive, always being filled up with back-to-back calls in place of time for hands-on work.

As the day progressed towards afternoon, I had my lunch and took some time off for some relaxation. Soon it was early evening-post some more calls, I finally got into stretching and exercising. When trying to cultivate a habit intentionally, the very act of deliberately carrying out for the day gives a sense of fulfillment and well-being-something I felt after my work out. One thing is still pending till now is meditating which I will get into right before falling into sleep.

Towards evening, I went out with my baby brother for some grocery shopping for some upcoming event. After some light argument and counter-argument regarding whether to have a pizza at the store itself or have it as a takeaway (I was in the mood for pizza, not the baby boss) and post continual persuasion of the little on, we finally ate — some momos (or dumplings).

Anyways, today is a Friday, something we look forward to each week owing to ongoing fantastic weekly releases by Marvel Studios since The Mandalorian, the current one being Falcon and the Winter Soldier-this show is amazing-still waiting for Bucky to go full Winter Soldier in combat though 😛 Today’s episode (that’s Episode 5: Truth for all the Marvel fans) felt alright but could have been better from an action and pacing perspective. Enough of this critic cause I anyways loved the episode and eagerly await the release of the finale episode next week.

One more show which has its episodes released on Fridays every week is The Invincible on Amazon Studios. The animation is of good-ol’ days quality with gore level at par with DC and an intriguing story line. Yet to catch up on this one.

Post dinner, caught with some more colleagues and client for some ongoing project in different timelines across the globe, dropped a few mails and finally shut off my work laptop. Weekend is here 🙂

Now as I reach the ending of today’s blog, my mind goes to the things I’m yet to do before the night’s over-write something more and do the Wim Hof Breathing. With this, I wrap up today’s blog.

Thank you for reading through my journey.

See you tomorrow !!!

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