Daily Blog. 17 Apr, 2021

I woke up at around 7:30 AM. We had a family trip planned after a long time. The destination was a Buddhist monastery located at a place called Naamphake. It’s a place towards the North East part of India.

The journey started at around 9:30 AM. The trip was a scenic one-beautiful roads surrounded by lush-green tea gardens on both side and tall overarching trees forming a canopy of shadows for a comfortable drive.

The monastery, being located on a riverbank, enjoyed a pleasant environment owing to the cool riverside breeze blowing through the area at all times. The monastery was well built yet had an aging beauty to it, there being scope for improvement for overall maintenance of the monastery as it is facing financial hardship (as far as I have heard, not confirmed) owing to dwindling source of income with passing time.

Inside the prayer area, in front of Lord Buddha’s statues, the experience was calming and the large open area of the place added a sense of being within a majestic statement of religious beliefs.

Outside the monastery, the river was an untouched, raw, calm beauty which engulfed the senses. Nature is really at its best when untouched by civilization I guess.

On our return journey, the lunch was as scenic and pleasant as the journey itself. Mum brought home-cooked food along with all the necessary utensils (a remote mini-kitchen) for our lunch. Parking the car by the side of a lush-green tea garden, we had our food in amidst cool breeze and a beautiful scenario.

Thank you for reading my journey.

See you tomorrow!!!

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