4 Work From Home essentials for your health (for laptop users)

With most of the world shifting to a work from home model since the pandemic, people are exploring ways to boost productivity, prevent burnouts against lack of a defined work schedule and more. But one of vital yet often overlooked aspect is the impact of the work from home style on a person’s physical health.

With majority being hooked up to laptops for work purpose, some may have been privy to a standing desk or large monitors at office while others may have lacked access till now owing to office policies or so on. But the recent change in the work style has reset this aspect for all-now all can enjoy the freedom of configuring their workspace as per their needs. With this in mind, here are a few essential items that may prove to be a boon to your overall health:

(1) Lumbar support: In case buying a well-designed chair is not an option, you can place a small pillow (or a lumbar pillow from any e-market) in your chair to support your lumbar region. Extended period of sitting without any support to this area sometimes lead to recurring or persistent pain, or, at times, health issues of greater complexity. As such, a small pillow placement can prove to be your back’s best bet.

(2) Laptop stand (or) Bedside tables: These can do wonders for your neck and hips. For free, makeshift ones, thick textbooks or sturdy cartons works fine

Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

(a) In a sitting position, raising the screen to the eye level will do away with the need for craning your neck downwards and save you from stiff necks and a bent posture

(b) In case standing desk is not a financially viable option, bedside tables on top of your work table or cartons/text books on top of your laptop stand can help you to working in a standing position. And trust me, your hips will hallelujah if you work with a mix of sitting-n-standing positions.

(3) External keyboard: To retain the comfort of working while elevating your laptop screen to eye-level, connecting an external keyboard is the answer. Keeping the laptop at a height where your shoulders are comfortable and hands can rest properly on the table can help you work with a natural and comfortable posture. And this also helps in staving off any potential chances of shoulder joint pains.

(4) Mouse: While the laptop track pad is alright for shorter period of time, most people use a mouse for extended usage. And this helps esp. when positioning the laptop at a height higher than where your hands naturally lie. And the combination of an external keyboard with the mouse helps in replicating the comfortable experience of using a ergonomically set up desktop.

Hope you have a comfortable time working from home. Take care.

See you tomorrow!!!


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