Daily Blog. 18 Apr, 2021

I woke up to a cool, pleasant morning. After freshening up, decided to bring some food from a nearby store to cook for lunch. Just as I was about getting ready to go out, dad called out and asked me to polish the car as he had washed the car right in the morning. Since he has a habit of doing everything on his own if we delay the work for more than 5 mins, I asked him to hand me the bottle containing the polish solution while I return from the store. He unwillingly handed it over to me post which I hopped on the car along with my baby brother for the food.

Upon returning, I took a soft piece of fabric and started polishing the car under a sweltering sun (it was around 11 AM now) while asking mum and the maid to help me with the raw ingredients for cooking. Once the polishing was over, I went inside to wash myself clean, then went to the kitchen and started cooking the food. The food was ready by around 1 PM. Towards the end of cooking the dish (more boiling towards the end as all the spices and other ingredients were already in the pot towards the middle of the cooking session), I started my daily stretching and free-hand exercises post which went to have my bath.

After getting dressed up, I streamed the latest episode of “Invincible” on Amazon Prime. The episode was pretty good, gory and building up quite an intriguing story.

Lunch was served at around 2 PM today. Post-lunch me and my baby brother started streaming “Love and Monsters” on Netflix. It had been a long time since we watched anything together. But he found the movie a bit boring and went to do some coding on his laptop-he is really good at all this coding stuff. I continued the movie till the end. I found the movie to be okayish-the first half wasn’t that good but towards the end, it was good. One scene that stood out was an interaction of the protagonist with a dying robot programmed to be empathetic towards human, the conversation ending between the two under a night sky amongst floating jelly fishes while a dog slept by the protagonist’s feet-it painted quite a touching and beautiful picture within a post-apocalyptic setting.

Towards the evening, I came to my room and started my personal laptop to start telling you my day’s activity and bring this blog to you.

Thank you reading my journey.

See you tomorrow!!!


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