Lifehack #1: Unlimited email addresses with one Gmail account

Do you know you can have unlimited email addresses/ aliases against a single Gmail account? If not, it’s simple. If your Gmail address is:, then you can create unlimited email addresses using the following methods:

Method 1: Appending any name, phrase etc. after your username with a “+” sign i.e.

“xyz” here can be any letter, word, phrase, number etc. E.g. etc.

Any mail sent to will be received in your original gmail address, the mail sent “To:”

Method 2: Inserting dots between the original email address’ letters.

The alternate variations for your email address can be:

a..b… etc.

You can continue making variations of your primary email address by changing the no. of dots and placements within the username.

Any mail sent to any of these variations will be received in your original mail address, the mail sent “To:” etc.

How to use this unlimited alias feature?

When combined with the mail filter option in Gmail, this feature can be utilized in an effective manner in the following scenarios:

1. Registering on various apps, spam subscriptions etc.: When you have to share your email address across various apps, mailer subscriptions for accessing content and any other similar scenario and don’t want to receive any follow-up mail, you can:

(a) Provide a particular alias like

(b) Create a filter to send any mail to to Trash/ Skip Inbox etc. And voila, you will have a much cleaner mail box.

2. Creating an alias for your Out-Of-Office hours: If you want all your email address received during your off period in one particular folder, you can:

(a) Include an alias in your OOO mail like “Hi, I’m out of office. For any important information, please drop a mail at” (yes, it works for corporate mail address based on Gmail)

(b) Create a filter to send all mail sent to to a new folder titled “OOO mails”

3. Creating multiple social media account using one email address: In case you are managing multiple handles on a particular social platform, you can use different aliases to create the accounts using one Gmail account only.

Bonus use case: Identify which website is leaking your email address by simply registering with E.g.

Say you want to register to website of a hypothetical clothing company “Jojo”. You can register in their website using the alias So, if you receive mailers from anyone outside “Jojo” in the provided alias, you will know who is the snitch 😉

Hope this makes your life easier.

See you tomorrow!!!

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  1. This is an interesting post, and a good dose of useful knowledge right here. Thanks for shedding some light on email aliases!

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