Daily Blog. 19 Apr, 2021

I woke up groggily at around 6:30 AM today for an early jog but an early mail in the form of an offer letter blew the sleep right out of me. I freshened up and woke up my baby brother for a morning sprint. Before heading out of the gate, we quickly connected with our elder brother (yes, we are 3 siblings, me being the middle one), who lives in a different timezone.

On reaching our regular pool side, we started sprinting for a very short distance as the little one was on his second run after years and I did not want to leave him behind. So once we completed our short run, we took a long route towards home walking amidst the cool breeze.

After my bath, I sat down for a couple of morning calls, followed by some personal work and finally it was lunch time. After lunch, I spent some time downstairs. At around 2 PM came back to my work system and carried out a couple of more to-dos. At around 5 PM, I went downstairs to relax a little as the late evening today looked messy with back-to-back calls. Post the pen-ultimate call, I went to have a quick dinner with my family and came back to have another round of discussion with one of my colleagues for an upcoming project where we were brainstorming on the solutioning.

After logging off, I called up my best friend to check up on him as he recently had a major operation of his spine-he is doing great now and recently re-joined office. He also happened to book a new car. All good news today 😃. After a long, hearty chat, I now sit in front of my laptop writing what my day was like.

Thank you for taking your time to read my journey.

See you tomorrow!!!


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