Daily Blog. 20 Apr, 2021

Waking up to a relaxing morning, I realized I was quite past my alarm time. Sleeping on the bed, thinking of whether to go ahead with the morning run or just carry ahead with the free-hand exercises, I finally decided to do none-not exactly, actually, I decided to do the free-hand exercises towards evening. I felt a little irritated (I generally do when I miss my morning schedule) but decided to carry ahead with the rest of the morning routine. Two things I tried to practice today with this incident though:

(1) In life, not everyday may go as planned and this may cause irritation. But I cannot let a single misstep mess up the rest of the day and plan/re-plan accordingly.

(2) As I told you in one of my previous blogs, combining running with the free-hand exercises, meditation, morning shower etc. may take around 3 hours and may tire me out as well. So from today, have decided to follow an alternate cycle in interest of overall fitness and time-alternate between morning run and free-hand exercises (still focusing on strengthening my core muscles along with my leg muscles) every other day.

So after my bath, I had my daily supplements and sat down with my personal laptop to carry out some work. Sideways, opened my work laptop to reschedule some meetings as per my bandwidth availability. As I sat there going about with my work, two persons knocked on the ventilation windows (I work from the first floor of my home) from outside. I noticed the painters were painting that particular side of our home (facing East) and wanted to paint the window sills. So I got up on a chair and opened the ventilation windows and got back to my work to be interrupted a second time to re-do the act for a nearby window of my room. After some time, when I looked back from my laptop screen, I noticed a lot of dirt sprayed everywhere around the room-right from on my bed to my laptop (which prompted to look around for the source in the first place) and realized it was the dirt that flew from the ventilation windows which the painters carelessly sprayed away without prior intimation (mum’s gonna be so angry). Anyways they continued with their work while I continued with me. Today was a particularly relaxing day at work after a long time.

Midway I went to a nearby shop to buy some flour for mum so that she can bake some cake (we had two packets but they got expired). Post lunch, as I headed to my baby brother’s room, the painters reached outside his room’s window. At once, I ran to ask mum for some cover. She handed over some with a few scolding for all the messiness in my room-my typical mum 😘.

Towards evening I went through a few music tracks and then got onto with my stretching and free-hand exercises after which went downstairs to have some tasty maggi (it’s a kind of noodles) made by the little one-insanely tasty and spicy at the same time. After spending some time downstairs, I came to my room and relaxed on my bed till dinner was ready. Post dinner, got into a short call with some colleagues and then caught up with the latest Apple event-their recent shift to pre-recorded videos are similar to watching a very visually-appealing movie-I watch it for that experience.

Once the event got over, I had an urge to check some work mail but resisted and got into my favorite activity of the day-writing this journal.

Now I wrap up for the day. Thank you for reading my journey.

See you tomorrow!!!



  1. Oh boy, I totally relate with you on the ‘deciding to exercise’ in the morning, and because my mornings are the only time I get to do so, I also feel frustrated if I pick laziness over doing what I promised myself.

    But we need to push on always, ESPECIALLY when we don’t want to, because it’s those times that we grow, right? Wishing you the best on your journey!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Klikomo says:

      Thank you, Stuart 🙂


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