2 reasons why I prefer Zoom over Teams?

With remote working in place, the necessity for virtual connect has increased drastically-Zoom and Teams surging are taking center stage in a normal work day. My clients use both in parallel. And it’s both a good and a bad thing (for my work system atleast).

Picture: Zoom vs Teams | Credit: Mio Dispatch

Lately, I’m trying to shift my virtual connects and remote availability over Zoom rather than both the platforms, the reasons being:

(1) The foremost reason is the resource-intensive nature of the applications: I find Zoom to be way less resource-intensive and have minimal to no impact on my laptop’s functioning-the work system is HDD-based, 8-GB system. But Teams (esp. the desktop application which has a superior experience over its web counterpart from a file-sharing standpoint) hogs up the system resource and crashes my applications frequently. While the initial few hours works perfectly, after sometime, the impact of the application on the system starts becoming evident with slowing responses and recurring crashes. No restart (of application or system) helps.

(2) Video (and presentation quality): While Teams’ video quality has drastically improved over time,I personally find Zoom to always have had an advantage over any other virtual meeting application, be it Teams, WebEx or Meet. Moreover, about a year or two ago when I first used Zoom (at that time I did not particularly know about this platform) I was really impressed with the lack of latency during presentation and on-screen cursor movement, something that the rest were far behind.

While I try to use Zoom for majority of my communication needs, Teams has certain useful features- it is a superior file-sharing medium, setting up Teams meet within the application is a breeze and it’s overall integration with the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, something my client is heavily invested in.

At the end of the day, this choice comes down my personal preference of speed and simplicity of the applications and the preferences for its unobtrusiveness on my workflow.

See you tomorrow!!!


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