Daily Blog. 21 Apr, 2021

Started the day with a morning run with my little brother. After freshening up to practise Wim-Hof breathing followed by my daily prayers. I joined office at around 10 AM today with an internal sync-up call with the team followed by a couple of session of solution design for an ongoing project. Related to this project, I spent the majority of my time designing the solution-currently I’m designing the process flow for conversational AI platforms, the focus on the latest one being to reduce user effort while providing the maximum output possible in a way that provides great user experience. The design is mid-way and will be picking it up tomorrow to continue ahead with the rest of the flows.

After a couple of evening calls with some more clients, I finally wrapped up, had dinner and spent around 2.5 hours in some documentation work-I hate documentation work. I wrapped it up a few mins back and started writing this blog.

Today’s gonna be a short one as I’m too tired.

Thank you for taking your time to read my journey.

See you tomorrow!!!

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