Daily Blog. 23 Apr, 2021

The day started off with a pleasant morning run. On our (my baby brother went for a run with me) way home, we dropped by a local convenience store to pick up some cold drinks and snacks for the day-quite a way to start the day healthy 😝.

Post bath and my daily supplements, connected with my manager for some updates and discussion for some upcoming events. Post that, went for regular calls with the internal teams and client to discuss the course of action for some upcoming projects. The back-to-back slew of calls ended at around 12:30 PM.

After lunch, I sat down to complete the design on one of the conversational AI platforms I’m designing for the North American counterpart of the client. Midway had to participate in one call (luckily one) post which I continued with my designing and was finally able to wrap up the overall design at around 6 PM.

Joining the family for an evening stroll within our compound amidst the breezy air, I spent some time listening to some music while strolling around. At around 7 PM, we (myself and the lil one) wnet inside to catch up with the finale of Falcon and the Winter Soldier but faced some streaming issue owing to which we ended up watching Mortal Kombat-it was a meh movie. With all the action, chips, cold drinks and juice, we finally wrapped up the movie at around 9:15 PM and spent some time chilling and listening to some more music. Dinner was served at around 9:40 PM post which I joined another client meet to share the test link for the design of the chatbot so that they can review and provide their views on the same by next week. After closing the work system for the weekend, I finally started writing this blog. With this, I wrap up for the day.

Thank you for your time.

See you tomorrow!!!

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