Daily Blog. 24 Apr, 2021

Waking up to a sunny (and hot) morning, I started my day with some ongoing onboarding activities that had been going on since the last few weeks. After around an hour, mum came upstairs for some work and scolded me for sitting in front of the laptop even on a weekend and asked me to get up in order to avoid any back injury owing to prolonged sitting postures — I seriously need to do something to enable a makeshift standing desk (no such desk is deliverable in my location at the moment). After helping her with some clothe stuffing into a cabinet, I went out with my little brother for some essential’s shopping-damn it was hot today.

Upon returning, the lil one cooked up a fiery and insanely tasty Chicken Masala dish-he is seriously a great cook when it comes to all this stuff. After lunch, tried to take a nap but owing to lack of space downstairs (all the other rooms were being renovated at the moment), I got up to make space for mum and went upstairs, scrolled through some Instagram feed and finally sat down to watch Shadow and Bone in Netflix. So far, I’m liking the overall story build-up.

At around 5:30 PM, I started stretching followed by a couple of push-ups, stomach crunches and planks. After that, received a call from one of my cousins who needed help with his resume building-spent around 3 to 3.5 hours working on his resume post which I had my dinner.

After coming to my room, searched a while for a big-ass monitors to aid my work, still undecided whether to buy it now or wait considering the price and duration of myself staying at one place. Will hit up a reseller market place to check if any good monitors are available at a reasonable price.

Once the monitor search was over, I started my journal you’re reading now.

Wrapping up the journal for the day, thank you for your time.

[Note: Late blog upload owing to network issue]

See you tomorrow!!!


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