Daily Blog. 25 Apr, 2021

So started the morning, at 9 AM for me-late and to a sunny weather. Freshening up, we decided to do a visit to one of our sister’s home who recently shifted to a new home. At around 11 AM, me and the lil boss got ready, bought some food for cooking at lunch and went towards our destination.

Our first niece is a cute one-I troubled him a lot on reaching the place, all of us chatted over cups of tea and then finally began the preparation for lunch in parallel to watching some movie. At around 2 PM we had a hearty meal and then went off to have an afternoon siesta. I woke up around 4 PM-quite surprisingly I dozed off quite heavily today with some dreams of large snails shooting lasers 😝.

Returning home at around 5 PM, both of us helped mum with some shifting work in the rooms where the renovation was complete. Finally at around 6 to 6:30 PM we got free, I freshened up and went upstairs to relax and catch up with a few episodes of Netflix’s Shadow and Bone. Post-dinner, I published yesterday’s journal (which was a late upload owing to network connectivity), explored some ways for increasing my writing practice and finally got into journaling today’s journey.

Thank you for your time.

See you tomorrow!!!


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