Daily Blog. 26 Apr, 2021

The days are getting hotter with each passing day. While bathing right after waking up/post work out was a habit of mine, now it has become a necessity in an effort to coolly start the day.

Starting the work day with a free schedule was an unexpected breeze (most of the meets got delayed/cancelled). Utilizing the free time, I completed a high-level flow design for a conversational AI platform as part of a proposal for an upcoming pitch. By the time I wrapped up the designing at around 12:30 PM, the daily team meet started post which I headed towards lunch.

With a relatively light schedule for the day, I wrapped up office at around 6:00 PM today and began with my daily work-out-going out for a run has become a concern with rising cases of the pandemic.

Post work-out, as I was midway through some sweet tamarind (the ones from Thailand taste great btw) after a glass of home-made juice, the phone rang but I ignored it, my focus on unwrapping the brittle shell around the tamarinds. On calling back, I got a surprise-will get to it in some other blog.

Anyways, post dinner, had a short catch up with some clients and finally got into journaling my today’s journey.

Thanks a lot for your time.

See you tomorrow!!!

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