Daily Blog. 28 Apr, 2021

Reflecting on the last few days, one thought that is preoccupying my mind at the moment is consistency and discipline. When I started running in the morning back in Dec, this first act has been setting my day up in a consistent manner-physically and from a mindset perspective. But lately, owing to the ongoing pandemic, sustaining the habit has become a challenge-the very sight of any other joggers has become a matter of concern. And as this habit is getting inconsistent, so is it impacting my other habits like going to bed at a regular time, waking up early each day, starting the day with journaling, reading books and so on. 

Secondly, I’ve noticed I’m spending too much time checking my mobile phone for emails (this has been happening since the last 3–4 days) and scrolling through Instagram feed. In short, the bad habits are setting in while the good ones are getting reduced. But thankfully, being cognizant of this transition, I need to double down on my effort of setting up a new morning routine, put greater effort into freehand workouts and start resuming my follow-up morning habits. Pandemic, or for that matter, any other circumstances should not be a valid reason to stop some progressive habits which helps me to be in a better state each day. With change, I’ll have to adapt but cannot stop. And it is when facing such points of change in direction that consistency through discipline becomes the key factor for building new habits in a sustainable manner.

So without further delay, I should start redoing what I had been doing since Dec-practicing a morning ritual regularly and consistently. Now enough about the musing of my thoughts and more into how my day looked today.

Waking up to an earthquake (it was quite intense in some parts leading to property damage as well, measuring to a high of 6.5 Richter Scale in some areas), I quickly freshened up and strangely do not recall what I did prior to starting my work day. After completing the design and revision of two projects, the rest of the day went by with meetings and other team activities. After calling it a day for the office work, I began reflecting on the past few days when all the above thoughts crossed my mind. Right now all my thoughts are a bit scattered but I need to get everything in line one-at-a-time and get back on track-cannot let a hiccup mess with the habits I have worked so hard upon to build over month. With this resolution and keeping a note of the time on my laptop, I’m wrapping up for the day.

Thank you for your time.

See you tomorrow!!!

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