Mozart in the Jungle | Daily Blog. 30 Apr, 2021

To places where the mind takes you.

After wrapping up the last episode of Invincible (which was amazing btw), was just exploring the catalogue of Amazon Prime Videos when I came across this new series called “Mozart in the Jungle” (MinJ). And now I’m hooked to this gem of a series. The way the cinematography melds beautifully with the story is remarkable-the grimy beauty of New York City, the background classical music with the eccentricity of a musical prodigy against the backdrop of an aspiring musician helps in bringing the entire story to life through flesh and blood. Btw I personally feel that Amazon Prime Videos has a better curation of content than its competitors and have been delivering quality original productions than the rest. Again a personal opinion, feel free to share your views as well.

Art like these (Mozart in the Jungle, Fleabag, Killing Eve), for me, are a call towards creativity, a reminder to take chances, be bolder and take risks for pursuits towards aspirations and dreams. While success is never guaranteed, not trying ensures failure in its absolute form. And minimizing regrets is something we should always aim for in our lives.

Coming to my daily life, post waking up at around 8 AM, I quickly showered and dressed up for an upcoming call (which went by with closed cams) and stared my work day in an easy manner. With not much to do as of recently, have been taking things slow albeit interjected with a couple of meetings here and there. Coming to a particular project where discussion around a solutioning has been going for quite some time, I decided to join the call and assist the project manager in the solutioning. After around an hour of discussion, with majority of the time being while away with vague requirement statement by a person, we finally came upon an approach which I need to design for the upcoming meet the next week. Hopefully this new design meets all the requirement criteria while ensuring a good user experience in parallel.

Post the last call for the day, I resumed watching a couple of more episodes of the MinJ and finally wrapping up the 5th episode, came to journal this blog.

Thank you for your time.

See you tomorrow!!!


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