2 Tips against Zoom Fatigue

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Recent shift to a work from home (WFH) model has exploded the Zoom economy (i.e. exponential increase of online collaboration tool in an effort to replace face-to-face interaction). And with time, it has brought about Zoom Fatigue (it refers to getting tired from high frequency Zoom meetings). Here are 2 tips you can use to maintain a healthy balance of online availability and mental peace of working from home:

(1) Keep the camera OFF: This point cannot be stressed enough. Switching off your camera removes the need for:

(a) Maintaining a formal posture

(b) Maintaining eye contact

(c)Maintaining a proper/formal attire

(d) Ensuring acknowledgement and active listening of participant through head and eye gestures

(e) Ensuring no distraction come in the field of camera’s view

And these are the main reasons which leads to Zoom fatigue in the first place. If you have any doubts about these factors, try asking why is it that when you video chat with your dear ones, lying on a couch or bed, you do not feel the same amount of tiredness as you do from a Zoom meeting with your colleagues?

If lending a face to your participation is important, try using a profile picture in your Zoom (or any communication platform), it takes care of your presence more than a simple collection of letters spelling out a name on-screen.

(2) Get a good set of earphones (preferably the bluetooth ones): A bad set of earphones goes a long way in stressing you out owing to extra effort required for:

(a) Understanding the discussion

(b) Making your voice come across with clarity

A good set of earphones removes the need for all this, helps you retain a comfortable posture (at times, unclear communication channel makes us croon near the laptop’s speakers/screen out of instinct) while at the same time ensure clear-cut communication between you and the other participants.

Hope these tips serves you well.

See you tomorrow!!!


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