The Macbook ahead of its time | Daily Blog. 01 May, 2021

12-inch Macbook from Apple

When talking about the 12-in Macbook, the focus of discussion besides its brilliant hardware engineering, are the flaws that plagued it. The controversial butterfly keyboard was outright dismissed by many, complaining about its design-over-functionality approach and lack of tactility. The other complaint was the lackluster performance of the Intel m-series processors coupled with a fan-less design which only contributed to thermal throttling. This resulted in the Macbook being perceived as an keyboard-aided alternative to the iPad, more consumer-centric than creator-centric.
But Apple’s recent changes in terms of keyboard and processor impacts the very fundamentals of what made the Macbook a failure at its time. The reversion to the trusted scissor-switch mechanism has already taken care of the keyboard woes across the Mac line and this may have taken care for the Macbook as well (albeit with potential of increasing its thickness by a millimeter or two). But the bigger impact that could have brought about a tectonic change for the Macbook, in terms of its functionality and perception of people, is the new Apple M-series chip. With its high efficiency leading to doing away with inclusion of fans in Macbook Air without any hit on performance could have benefitted the 12-in Macbook drastically-this chip could have turned the Macbook from a pretty iPad alternative to a potent 12-in Macbook alternative. Considering all the recent advancements of technology, the question that is begged to be asked is-was the 12-in Macbook ahead of its time? For me, yes it is. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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