5 benefits of mindful breathing

I’ve been practicing various forms of meditation over the years. Some of them centers around directing the mind to a single thought and holding on to it for a few minutes (focus on the breathing is the easiest and most popular technique for this type of meditation). Some others emphasized on mindful breathing i.e. focusing on the breathing and rhythmically control the inhalation, hold and exhalation of air over various frequencies (a further variant to this is practicing mindful meditation along with specific body postures; not being an expert on the same, I would refrain from describing it here). and I’ve reaped different benefits from each of these techniques. 

Depending on the type of meditation practiced, the nature and number of realized benefits have been different. Mindful breathing has helped me realized the following benefits in various capacities:

1. A calm, focused mind for longer duration

2. Lucidity of thoughts and clarity in its verbal expression-this is the best benefit I’ve realized and greatly relish

3. Better control over my emotions and reactions to various events

4. Lesser to no migraine attack (I have severe migraine and practicing mindful meditation in sync with various body poses known as “asanas”, I’ve been able to realize this benefit. Another benefit I’m grateful for)

5. Overall feeling of general well-being

I hope these facts inspires you to cultivate a habit which can prove to be beneficial for your health in the long run. May you be able to realize these manifold benefits with the practice of meditation, mindful breathing or any other breathwork which suits your physical needs.

Thank you for your time.

See you tomorrow !!!

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