For excellence, adopt the “Day 1” mentality

Disclaimer: I’m not aware of what “Day 1” mentality stands for within the Amazon culture, I’m using the name for it is in alignment to what I intend to describe and also “Day 1” sounds a lot cooler than “1st Day”.

Photo by Brett Jordan from Pexels

When someone joins a new institute or a new organization, they remain on their toes the very first day (and in fact for the first few initial weeks). Every task, big or small, seems like a test to be excelled at for making a first good impression. Dedicated time is allotted for proper preparation for each of this task-be it getting properly groomed or readying the office dress the night before, a sound understanding of the agenda and preparation for what is expected from one’s side prior to joining a meet, giving 100% to the task at hand with no space for slacking and ensuring a high quality delivery and so on. Basically “Day 1” represents the initial alertness, awareness and proactivity exhibited by a person to ensure he/she is a valuable contributor and the right choice for the position or simple because he/she does not want to mess up the very first few days out of sheer nervousness.

If this “Day 1” mentality is adopted for any task at hand, each day, transformational results are bound to happen because:

(1) You give your 100%, you are in the NOW; everything else comes later

(2) You are well-prepared for any task, no matter how big or small it is, going the extra mile to ensure you do all the homework required for a cognitive lead on the same

(3) You do not procrastinate or slack off (read: feeling sluggish to the point of trying to do the bare minimum to make a work passable)

(4) You perceive each task as a challenge but one that has to be conquered using your wits and whatever resource is at hand

(5) You deliver on time i.e. you utilize your time efficiently, do not let work spill over and meet your deadlines

While advocating this “Day 1” mentality, the suggestion is to ensure that a person be cognizant of the fact that he is maintaining his well-being and health by NOT focusing too much on the trivialities. A balanced approach based on the situation is to be taken up with the “Day 1” attitude being taken up while working towards the completion of a task or working on objectives towards the fulfilment of a goal, be it personal, academic or professional.

I hope this “Day 1” attitude turns out to be a phenomenal experience in your life as well.

Thank you for your time.

See you tomorrow!!!


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