Choose Simple, Not (necessarily) Easy

When it comes to choices in life, the best bet we can have on is the one which provides us simplest way forward towards our goals. But this simplicity is often confused with the path of least resistance which is not always the case. To understand this, let us consider the following scenario:

Goal: To get a buffed-up physique

Option 1 (the simplest option): Exercise regularly

Option 2 (the easy option): Take help of steroids

Here, both the options would take you towards your goal but the simplest option would take time, effort and lots of dedication while the latter will take you towards your goals albeit with severe consequences.

Let us consider another scenario:

Goal: Make a great mobile device

Option 1 (the simplest option): Work and re-work on reducing the size of the phone, make the user interface intuitive across the age brackets and simplify the entire computation behind an image capture to a simple point-n-shoot experience.

Option 2 (the easy option): Reduce the size of the traditional cordless phone and leaving the tuning of the camera’s focus to the user for adjusting as per their need.

Which one yields a better result? It’s the simple one over the easy one. But by this, it is not suggested that simplicity and easiness are mutually exclusive. In fact, at times, the simple option can be the easiest one of the lot. So, our focus should always be on the simplicity and effectiveness of a particular choice over any other factor when it comes to achieving a particular goal.

Hope this information helps you make better choices with time.

See you tomorrow!!!


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