5 Benefits of Reading

Photo by Sofia Alejandra from Pexels

Getting lost in the pages of a book, making friends with its various characters and roaming the beautiful worlds weaved by a writer’s words are some of the best experiences one could have in their lifetime. A good book is a source, not only of entertainment, but of new information and inspiration for many things, new and wonderful. But beyond this, the very habit of reading has its own set of advantages which can be:

(1) It cultivates the habit of pursuing something with patience and consistency

(2) Reading is an exercise for the brain-the act of reading, understanding, and recalling what we read is a good way to keep our grey cells active

(3) Translating words into images within the confines of our mind is a great booster for maintaining a creative and imaginative mind

(4) Reading is a doorway to the lives of a thousand other people a writer has lived through his/her writing

(5) The repeated practice of breaking down what we read to our level of understanding helps us develop two things-critical thinking and ability to understand things and communication in a better manner

What was the last book you read? And what’s your next?

See you tomorrow!!!

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