Simplicity, a path to productivity

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

The surge in app-ification of services presents us with myriad options for any want and need in our lives. To set a reminder, we have a reminder app, to add something in a to-do, we have a to-do app and so on. In the face of such options, at times it takes us more time in designing and getting accustomed to a particular system that can boost our productivity over actually doing something. Also, the “ding” of a scheduled reminder or opening up the phone to refer/add the next to-do task ends up sucking us into a vortex of social media content, online shopping etc. And in the long run such digitally “synchronized” system may prove to be counter-intuitive owing to the associated maintenance and adaptation with the same.

In the face of such scenarios, how about applying aggressive simplification for getting things done. Let’s consider a few examples:

Create a a to-do list: Simply write down the task on a piece of paper (and keeping a snap in case the piece gets lost)-it’s faster, requires no adaptation and no interruption in the form of having to check the phone or the laptop from time-to-time. Want to add a new task-just scribble it.

Write something: Start writing right away on paper or on computer. In case of the latter, using whichever basic tool is available for writing instead of going on month-long quests to search for the perfect drafting application over focusing on the writing.

Start going to gym: Go to the gym. Do not have gym shoes? Having confusions about the supplements required? All will gradually be taken care of once the very fundamental idea of hitting the gym is taken care of first. We don’t need some fancy accessories or a fancy membership to start working on ourselves.

Build a reading habit: Start reading a book in whichever form (physical or digital) it is available to you.

Learn to cook: Start cooking a very basic meal. It can be simple egg fry but the main thing is to start rather than postponing owing to lack of fancy ingredients in your locality.

In short, simplicity removes the unnecessary requirements so that we can get down to focus on the task at hand. Simple, primitive, effective.

Thank you for your time. Signing off for the day.

See you tomorrow!!!


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  1. Oh yeah, the to-do list is my weapon of choice to staying productive. Simplicity really is an awesome thing. Thanks for this post!

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