7 reasons to do something hard each day

Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

Learning something new, say a piano or programming, can be a challenging journey and its successful completion can result in deep satisfaction. But the reason behind this contentment stems more out of our exhibited practice throughout the journey over any other factor. 

What goes into learning something new is sheer hard work-discipline, consistency and repeated practice-habits which helps us end up with a more focused and persevering attitude. And repeated practice of hard work every day can result in wonders from a personal transformation standpoint because:

(1) Persevering against something hard builds up our resiliency. It prepares us mentally to handle new challenges in a better manner

(2) We become better at reacting to failures and getting back up till we get what we want

(3) It builds up our discipline and will power

(4) We become better at working hard and working smart

(5) Something that is learnt through hard work remains with us for a longer period of time

(6) A day spent working hard on something meaningful is a day well spent. it leaves us with deeper contentment and appreciation towards our work ethics

(7) Consistent practice of challenging ourselves each day builds up the confidence and habits in us to pursue whatever goal we want to pursue

Hoping the reasons above inspires you to give your best each day towards something meaningful and persevere in the face of challenges, I sign off for the day.

See you tomorrow!!!

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