4 Ways to Practice Happiness

Photo by Aleksandr Balandin from Pexels

Happiness, like other emotions, is a transient state of mind. And that’s a good thing because just as we can practice controlling our anger or being a calmer person, we can also practice to be a happier person.

Repeated practice forms a habit and a habit defines a person. Cultivating the habit of being happy can actually result in us being happier in the long run. And to cultivate this habit, we can practice the following simple ways for being in a happier state of mind:

Living in the NOW. Most of our anxiety crops up from missed opportunities of the past or imaginary challenges of the future. Such thoughts can overwhelm us to the extent of paralyzing us for days. To overcome this state, we have to let go of the past (which is already behind us) and the future (which is never a guaranteed state) and focus intently on the present moment, the now. Doing this can be in the form of pulling our attention towards our breath, our surrounding or immersing ourselves completely on the task at hand to the extent of letting go of everything else. And when we live in the now, we tend to be calmer, more focused and a sense of well-being encompassing us.

Smiling each day (even for no particular reason): Through a biochemical lens, the very act of stretching our face muscles to a smile releases neuropeptides and endorphins in the brain which fights off stress and makes us feel better. From an everyday perspective, the enactment of smiling fools our mind into thinking we are happy and as a result we do end up being in a happier state. Plus, your smile can brighten up the mood of another person around you because happiness, like yawning, can be contagious 😄

Doing something you love each day: You can be an ardent fan of Bruce Springsteen, a Pottermania like me or is passionate about playing the guitar leisurely. Yet your profession or education demands your attention towards a particular field which may be of your professional interest but not something very personal. No matter the circumstances, make some time each day to dedicate to the things and fields you love or is passionate about. That can be 10-min break to catch a few pages of Harry Potter or to listen to a few tracks of Bruce Springsteen. Whatever you do in life and wherever you are, always make time to do the things that brings joy inside you and keeps your inner child alive.

Spending some time with yourself: In the midst of day-to-day responsibilities and other interests, we end up ignoring the most important person in our life-OURSELF. It is important to dedicate some time each day to our own self and our thoughts. It helps us be in touch with our inner self, understand what we need at the current stage of our lives and take action accordingly for a more fulfilling and rewarding life. Being in touch with ourselves helps us know ourselves better as a person, how we react to things, what triggers certain emotions in us and what can we do to improve our lives. Without a being a better person for ourselves, we cannot be a better person for someone else. So it is extremely important to be in a committed relationship with our own self throughout each stage of our lives.

Hope you have happier and fulfilling days ahead in your life. Signing off for the day.

See you tomorrow!!!


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