Going After Our Dreams

Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels

Each idol of ours started with a dream, a dream that may have seemed like a distant possibility at one time but a dream that they were too passionate to be scared away from. What separated these individuals from the rest comes down to two main aspects:

(1) They were too adamant and brave to let go of their dream

(2) They were persistent and went after their dreams despite everything

Undertaking the journey towards a dream is not for the weak-hearted. Resistance will be met at every turn, naysayers will be there to discourage a person from the path and “well-wishers” will be there to advise a person to chase for a stable job over some far-fetched dreams. In the face of such challenges, the ones bold enough to move forward and crazy enough to still believe in their dreams are the ones who end up realizing their dreams. 

While success or failure is never guaranteed, dedication, hard work and an unshakeable belief in self can tip the favors towards a person and Lady Luck generally favors the one who is prepared. And our idols attain their “overnight” stardom only through sheer toil and dedicated practice over years. 

Now, in retrospective, it may be that while the success of our stars attracts us in the first place, the underlying traits they exhibited in their journey to stardom may have been reasons we end up idolizing them-their bravery, their relentlessness and their discipline. But then, if these are the recipes for success, why can’t the masses replicate their idol’s success? It mainly comes down to three reasons:

(1) While these factors seem imitable at the surface, practicing the same over years is something only a few are gritty enough to do, EACH DAY, EVERY DAY, NO EXCEPTION. The rest lose heart.

(2) The idols sacrifice a lot (e.g. their privacy, a social life with their friends, the things they love to eat etc.) in the pursuit of their dreams.

(3) The idols and the stars are a firm believer that it is better to fail than to regret of not chasing their dreams, no matter how crazy or absurd that dream may be. After all our idols are generally the ones who have done things that the world thought was impossible, created things that the world had never seen before and imagined up things which showed the possibility of the future.

In short, to be amongst the stars, we have to act like one and pursue our dreams with all that we have, no matter what.

Here’s to wishing you a life of realized dreams and aspirations, signing off for the day.

See you tomorrow!!!


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