Discipline will take you places where motivation cannot

At different points in our life, an idea starts a fire within us, a fire that soon spreads and take hold of all our thoughts. At times, the scorch is so severe that we end up taking action towards realizing the idea with passion and zeal. And we are off to a good start.

But the question that arises soon after the start: how long does this momentum continue? One day or the other, we wake up feeling demotivated and uninspired, the lack of any visible progress making us question the viability, usefulness and sustainability of the idea that started the fire in the first place. All the justification that led us into action seems logically weak in those days. What do we do then?

As humans, we have the tendency to give up and move on to some other pursuit. And around 97% of the population does exactly that. That’s why the remaining 3% control the 97% of the wealth.

So how to break the barrier? How to maintain the momentum for an idea or a goal over a sustained period of time? 

One word: Discipline.

It is discipline that can help us continue with our vision in the face of lack of any evident results, it is discipline that can help us push ourselves forward through all days, bright or gloomy.

Discipline calls for action towards our commitment regardless of any other factor. It prioritizes only those actions which are aligned with our goals over everything else. And that’s the reason discipline trumps over motivation in a journey towards realizing one’s dream. 

While motivation can be like a shooting star, discipline is like the sun that rises every day. We derive more benefit from the sun than a shooting star.

And when we realize our ideas and goals, we end up in a place and as a person only a few are able to reach. In short, discipline can take us places where motivation cannot.

Thank you for your time.

See you tomorrow !!!


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