Deliberate Practice: The Art of True Mastery

Practice makes a man perfect

The age old saying holds true for any one seeking true mastery of their craft. But for the crafts demanding a higher level of skillset, it is deliberate practice over mundane repetition of task that helps one to achieve command over that skillset in the first place.

What is deliberate practice?

The repetition of tasks related to an objective with full dedication and focus

How deliberate practice differs from normal practice?

Normal practice refers to doing something in a mechanical manner. Daily practice can make a person expert on a task after quite some time. But normal practice can only take one so fat because through normal practice, one gets to know the various aspects of a task at a very superficial level-their understanding remains limited to what they have been exposed to, nothing beyond that.

Normal practice brings about mastery through familiarity and repetition.

On the other hand, deliberate practice dictates a person to do practice mindfully, explore the horizon of the craft thoroughly and learning whatever there is to learn about a craft in such a manner that it becomes second nature. And that’s where true mastery lies.

Deliberate practice brings about true mastery through deep knowledge and command over each aspect of the craft.

Thank you for your time.

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