Being True To & As Your Reflection

Photo by Norma Mortenson from Pexels

The title can be broken down into two parts for better comprehension. Starting with the second half i.e.

Being true “AS” your reflection

Your mirror image is an untouched reflection of how you look, a reproduction of your physicality with all its beauty and flaw. It is an impartial and honest reflection of the person in front of it. Any falseness in this image is an attempt from the person to mask the truth and nothing to do with imperfection with the mirror’s function.

Being true “TO” your reflection

Standing in front of the mirror, unadorned and in the sole company of self, relaxed, helps you to see the true “you” in the mirror. This is because, without any pretention, you are being true to the mirror reflection of yourself.

Being true to and as your reflection

In each wake of our life, we should be consciously putting effort into “not being conscious of our actions to give off a false pretense”, both to ourselves and to the people around us.

Being true to ourselves is very important to know ourselves better, to reflect on our actions and to have a visible perspective on the direction of our life (and to take course correction as required). Without knowing about our own preferences and disliking, the environment where we thrive and the pitfalls we would like to avoid, we cannot make constructive progress in establishing ourselves as better human beings.

Also, the truth we present to ourselves should be unadorned, giving us a clear view of our strength and weakness, so that what we learn about ourselves is who we really are deep down.

Coming to others, it is important being true to them because though we may pass off as acceptable in establishing a connection with our false pretense at the beginning, such connections crumble over time because who we are as a person, if not aligned to the image we presented to another person, is perceived as a sign of dishonesty and shallow impersonation. 

To establish deeper, long-lasting relations, it is always better to present who we truly are-some people may walk away from that self but the ones who remain are the ones who accept you for who you really are. The ones walking away, had they established a relation with you, would have anyways walked away at some point of time when faced with the real “you” for they were attracted to you because of your false act in the very first place and this is nothing but a shallow construct of your mind.

So, in life, irrespective of whether you want to attract or reject something, it’s always in your best interest to be your true self at any given point of time, for what is yours will always come to you and what leaves was never meant to be with you in the first place, be it a person, a habit or some ideal very personal to you.

Thank you for your time.

See you tomorrow !!!


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