Being Agile In Everyday Life

Agility and its benefits in different aspects of life is an oft-overlooked aspect. But before diving deeper into this topic, let us understand what the word “agile” stands for.

Photo by Andrew from Pexels

Agile refers to the ability to move quickly with ease.

Coming to our daily lives, being agile means different things in the different aspects.

An agile body refers to a lean and fit body capable of moving quickly and easily without feeling the urge to slow down because of body weight. An agile body helps us with an overall sense of wellness and keeps our mind alert. And a prolonged enjoyment of its benefits naturally tends to attracts us towards developing healthy habits, be it eating healthy food, exercising daily, sleeping with a regular routine and so on.

Agility of mind refers to quick adaptability of mindset across different scenarios. It is of paramount importance to keep our thinking and perspective agile in an ever changing world because while change is the name of the game, agility is the means to survival. Without a flexible approach towards a subject, people gets stuck and left behind in world moving ahead in 1000mph speed augmented by rapidly changing norms and technologies. 

To maintain an agile mindset, people need to deliberately practice adapting themselves mentally as per the need of the scenarios. While at the beginning it will seem difficult and uncomfortable, in the long run this agility will help the person maintain a healthy mind with a confident outlook, he confidence stemming out of the knowledge of being capable of adapting to any scenario as per its need.

In terms of physical possessions, agility can be achieved through a practice of essentialism. By getting rid of the clutter, a person retains the ability to pack and shift quickly from place to place without much difficulty. And this comes especially handy when travelling. Increased materialism leads to loss of freedom for a person to live and explore the world.

In short, this concept of agility can be extended to many more aspects of life which brings about varying level of benefits and value to one’s life.

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