Changing Perspective to Change What We Can Do

When we hit a wall when doing something, instead of giving up or getting the notion that we have reached your capability, a better way to deal with the situation is to change how we look at the situation.

Let’s get to know this through a few examples:

  • My daily workouts started with a target of 40 push-ups (split into 15–15–10 set) and 40 sit-ups (20–20 sets). Initially, when I neared the end of one exercise (say push-ups), exhaustion takes over my body and specific muscles. As weeks progressed, I wanted to increase the nos. yet high burnings through repeated flexing of the same muscles made me rethink the entire approach. So now, instead of completing the push-ups at one-go followed by the sit-ups, I do one set of push-ups, followed by one set of sit-ups and so on. This way I’m experiencing a more balanced yet equally exhausting exercise sequence and have been able to push up my counts to around 60 push-ups and 80 sit-ups. This was also possible because, instead of giving up trying under the excuse of my body have reached the limit, I rethought the entire approach and viewed it from a different perspective, with a focus on balance while keeping the rigor intact.
  • Many a times, one recurring query we have is “Where do we get the money to invest when we have so many expenses and things to buy?”. To overcome this, we can relook at the situation from a different perspective. How about fixing a portion of the income for investments (say 10%, 12% etc.) prior to spending even a penny, then utilizing a portion of the remaining for the essentials (like food, rent etc.) and spending whatever remains with us. In short, in the words of Robert Kiyosaki, “Pay yourself first”.
  • In the face of failure, instead of giving up and feeling perpetually sad, how about rethinking the whole situation as “What can we learn from this failure?

Change of perspective helps us view a challenge in a different light. Since we have control over our personal views, a positive approach towards the practice of this can result in tipping the scales of any situation in our favor. 

Giving up is not an option, feeling sad is not permanent, and as Kratos said to Atreus in God of War,Don’t be sorry, be better”. Progress is the only way forward. So re-evaluate, re-think and re-do to achieve your goals.

Thank you for your time.

See you tomorrow!!!

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