Reaching Goals

Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels

Reaching a goal requires hard work, focus and discipline. But prior to that, the one prerequisite that is most required for transforming a dream into reality is: GETTING STARTED.

For many people, the dream of realizing their goals remain a dream because they fail to take the first step. And they fail because of fear. But fear of what?

It is the fear of an imperfect work, the fear of failure and the fear of having to face something totally new. But, in reality, that is OK. 

The first work is always imperfect, the first attempts are always messy but without getting started, how can one improve their work, without making mistakes how can one learn something new, without failing, how can one learn to succeed.

So, moving past fears, taking the first step, the leap of faith, is always the key to start one’s journey towards realizing their goals.

Thank you for your time.

See you tomorrow !!!

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