The Journey Of Starting Something New

What is the experience you remember when you started something new the last time? Was in enthralling, frustrating, messy, elation? Was it all of them and more?

For most, the answer would be the latter i.e. the experience of starting something new was motivating yet hard, feeling accomplished yet unstructured and so on. But why these mixed feelings?

The answer is the journey in starting something new. This journey consists of multiple phases which makes a person undergo a multitude of feelings. These phases can be summed up as follows:

A motivating yet hard start

The start is always the hardest owing to lack of experience in terms of the work, inability to prioritize and properly structure the tasks for convenience. But once the task is completed for the first time, it leaves a sense of satisfaction and the motivation to do more and continue the journey.

A messy middle 

As one progresses into the journey, things may seem more confusing-what initially motivated someone may seem like a never-ending chore, the difficulty of the tasks may seem to persist on and on and the steps that seems to be important may yield no result for an extended period of time. People begins questioning the efforts, self-doubt is at the peak and the challenges associated with the field of the task seems to be the highest at this stage. Many give up at this stage. The one who persists reaches the last.

A beautiful end (and the real start forward)

After countless hours of toil and grit, the ones who reach the end of the journey i.e. begins to get the hang of how things work out, what needs to be done and results seems to be appearing experience a feeling of satisfaction-satisfaction arising out of their persistence, confidence arising out of their new found skillset. And thus begins their true journey onward in the new field, competent, confident and committed.

Owing to this multidimensional aspect of the journey of starting something new, the emotions attached to it is so mixed. And each stage of the journey demands different efforts from an individual to prepare them for the journey coming ahead.

Thank you for your time.

See you tomorrow !!!


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