Aligning Routines With Your Future Self

Starting right off the bat for this topic, your daily routine determines the person you are becoming and the person you would be.

In life, intended change can be brought about through incremental changes and this is possible only through the power of habit. Your habits affect certain parts of your life’s area slowly and deeply, in a positive or negative manner depending on the habit. And habit is built through routines. While the changes brought about by habit is not evident immediately, over a sustained period of time, the daily micro changes moulds the approach you adopt for a situation. And, in the long term, these habits become a part of your identity.

Considering the long lasting impact that habit has on a person and its ability to change them, if you can envision your future state clearly, to make it a reality, focus on the habits and the identity of that future self of yours. The question as to what habits can bring about those changes in your present self. Once you’ve identified those habits, make a routine to align your daily habits with the habits of your future self. And over time, you will realize the transformation taking over you.

While the entire approach may sound easy, most people fail to realize their future ideal self owing to the dedication and consistency demanded by these routines over a long period of time. The one who sticks to these habits are the ones who are able to make the habits of their future self an integral part of their current identity and pass the threshold from imagination to reality.

Thank you for your time.

See you tomorrow!!!


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