Perspectives On Life

Life, and in fact most things in life, is how we view it. Viewing life as seconds passing by at a merciless pace instils in us a sense of urgency to take action, to live more vigorously and make the most of what time is left with us. On the other hand, perceiving life as a series of moments passing by in a slow and steady manner fills us with comfort and a sense of tranquility, helping us sip each moment in a relaxed manner like a fine glass of wine.

Photo by Paula Schmidt from Pexels

How to maintain different perspectives on life?

The impact that our perspectives on life have on the way we experience it can be leveraged in a harmonious manner for shaping the course of our lives and taking decisions that can have long-lasting impact down the line.

The Short, Fast-paced View on Life

Without a sense of urgency, people tend to slack off and procrastinate doing the everyday things that make life beautiful, taking it for granted and not living the 100% each moment. Yet when faced with the mortal nature of life and the transient nature of the life span, people are urged to take action. And with a fast-paced perspective on life, the accompanying sense of urgency becomes far greater than the otherwise normal tendency to put off things for later or to do things for the sake of doing it.

So, for most moments which makes up the photograph of our life, it is always better to view life as a fleeting chance for us to explore all that the world has to offer within the limited time we are granted here.

The Long View on Life

When it comes to learning new things, most people have a tendency of questioning the RoI (return on investment) on the time required to be invested. After all, people seem to be too busy living life for anything else that can take up their valuable time. Yet learning new things is how we enhance our experience and get insights into previously unknown facets of life and the world in general. And learning should never be rushed.

In moments like these where opportunities for learning something new presents itself, taking a long, steady view on life can help us ward off the anxiety that may accompany with the prospect of investment considerable time for learning a new subject. And when people can settle their mindset into this flow of mind, they can direct their focus on the learning at hand instead of questioning the RoI. And when a subject is properly learned, its utility can be realized in unexpected manners. After all, it’s always better to be prepared for probable chances over the prospect of being ignorant and missing one in life.

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