Braving Imperfections

The first step to achieve mastery over a subject is to GET STARTED.


While many people dream of mastery in their field of choice, a huge swath of people gets out of the competition towards mastery owing to not getting started.

The next filtering happens during the test for consistency: majority of people are incredibly inconsistent in their practice. And one of the top reasons is the failures and the imperfection that creeps up in their work towards the beginning. What most people fail to realize is that these rough edges in one’s journey is necessary for people to grow up in their journey and learn new facets which are required for gaining mastery.

The ones who can brave through the imperfections and focus on honing their skill further as a response to such existing fallacies in their initial work are able to learn a lot and make good headway in the right direction towards mastery. Additionally, people with such a brave and learning mindset are able to retain their mastery over long periods of time for their focus on growth and learning keep their mindset perceptive to new changes in the field of their choice.

So the next time an initial batch of work does not meet the preset expectations, don’t give up. Instead double down on the practice as you are in the right direction of growth.

See you tomorrow !!!

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