Mastery Through Boredom

If one goes through the daily routines of the world’s top athletes, a cmon observation would be their dedication to a fixed routine day after day, year after year. Some in fact admits that their daily schedule is nothing exciting but plain and straight boring. Yet they stick to it because it helps them achieve what they want by providing them what they need during the pre-game preparation.

Why the monotonous schedule?

It stems from the fact that practice makes a man perfect and to be in the top of the game in the world of sports, each aspect of their play has to be perfect.

And repeated practice tunes their mindset and body towards what they want to achieve. And this is true for any other aspects of anyone’s life. Gaining mastery over something requires dedicated practice and focus over time. The journey to mastery, at times, become tedious and repetitive. In such situations, people may lose sight of any progress yer they should never lose sight of the goal.

The monotonous, boring practice should be continued till the knowledge and action over the subject becomes second nature for the person.

So, two things are equally important in today’s world of rampant distractions:

1. Learning to get bored once again
2. Attaining mastery through boredom

Thank you for your time.

See you tomorrow!!!

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  1. As someone who can’t let up on his screen time, I fully concur. I need to learn to be bored again to explore all the things I can do with a new focus. Thanks for sharing!


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