Benefits of Writing Things Down

Writing something is an intimate process requiring deep engagement. So, when trying to remember things, writing helps us in retaining it better.

Writing is meditative in nature. As such journalling proves to be a good practice for taking care of our mental health. Writing helps us gain better mental clarity by necessitating efforts into structuring our thoughts before we can proceed ahead to put what’s on our minds on paper.

Writing is a big stress reliever. That’s because once we write down what’s on our mind, we can let go of that thought to be tackled at an appropriate time instead of having to hold on to it (lest we forget) while dealing with other things. Plus, once we see our thoughts in writing, our minds are generally able to think through the thoughts and take a call more efficiently and effectively. That’s because, when inside our minds, the thoughts and it’s many linked variables float across different thiught bubbles but once everything is out in one place, our minds are able to better visualize and connect the dots.

And last but not the least, writing, being a process requiring time and effort, inculcates the habit of diligence and structured thinking (mentioned above) towards any topic at hand.

Happy Writing.

See you tomorrow!!!

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