Days As Blocks Of Energy

Changing lifestyle requires changing perspectives in life. When it comes to daily life, or the aim to be productive each day, instead of trying to fill in the calendar to its brim or diving head long into the day without a plan, structuring the day basis our energy levels can help in coming up with a more pragmatic and productive schedule.

For a morning person, she/he is the most energetic during the morning half. Then again, an important, oft-overlooked aspect is the fluctuations of energy levels we experience throughout the day. For e.g. a morning person, while having her/his best period during the morning, may feel slughish during the afternoon period but again may feel focused during the evening period. Keeping such variations in mind, she/he can tackle the most challenging task during the morning half, go for the admin or miscellaneous task requiring the least effort during the afternoon and go for some more intense work during the evening. This way the person would be able to make out the most of their time throughout the day without feeling overwhelmed.

How to go about scheduling the day as per energy levels?

Starting off, the person has to identify the duration throughout the day when she/he has the highest spikes in energy. Once identified, the tasks to be tackled during the next day has to be categorized based on its complexity (an approximation of the complexity should do most of the time). Post that, the complex tasks are scheduled during those periods when the person has the highest energy. Just to keep a check, a definite timeline should be alloted against each task. E.g. Say programming a new software which is complex should be slotted during the morning half for a morning person. But instead of scheduling it as an open-ended task, scheduling say 09:00 AM to 10:30 AM for the next day followed by another complex task from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM will help the person be more focused and achieve greater levels of productivity throughout the day.

In short, scheduling the task basis personal energy levels against fixed timelines should help in increased productivity.

Thank you for your time.

See you tomorrow!!!

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