Thinking Fast & Slow

An idea is the basis for everything that exists today, the beginning of new discoveries and inventions. But an idea is extremely fragile, if not watered with thoughts properly, it withers away to oblivion.

Progressing an idea to the next stage for fixating it into the depths of our minds requires us to flesh it out to an extent as soon as it is sparked. To do this, we need to THINK FAST. Speed is important at this stage to make up the basic construct of the idea considering its very nature of intangibility and initial trasience. More than the details and the refinements, permanence takes precedence for the idea to live. Once life takes root within our cognitive mind, we need to proceed to the next stage.

And this next stage is to THINK SLOW. At this stage what we do is go through the rough idea that we sketched out, work out the details, look back at our work, redo and refine till it takes a form which can be actioned upon eithout delay. This is when and idea can be turned into reality.

In conclusion, we need to think fast and slow so as to give life to an idea and realize it to frutition.

Thank you for your time.

See you tomorrow!!!

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