For New Changes, Go Linear

Today I was going through the onboarding of a new firm. One common observation across the well-established firms are their highly-standardized processes and practices to make the admin task frictionless. And the firm I joined has some of the most refined systems and portals in places-automated emails for guidance were triggered from time-to-time, their portals were really well-made and so on. But one experience I had was the confusion in the face of plethora of options. One mail contained links to multiple different micro sites  each of which, in turn, had multiple sub-pages as well. And since all the portals were opened simultaneously, the overall experience was a bit overwhelming. And at that moment a thought struck me-the processes would have been much easier and enjoyable had the entire system been linearized i.e. one task after another. This way the new joinees, or any person undergoing a change in real life, would get exposed to the new changes in a gradual and systematic manner.

At times, concurrency of process is not the solution for acelerating change adoption. Linearization helps people focus on one thing at a time, take in the new information with better clarity and helps them adopt to it much faster. What time is consumed in understanding things concurrently is offset by the simplicity of having to understand only one thing at a time.

So the next time there is a new change in the horizon, try going linear.

See you tomorrow!!!

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