Adapting Inspiration With Time

The best way to explain the title is what Star Wars, Star Trek and Back To The Future did for entire generations-they imagined and gave people food for thought of what the future can be. Imaginations were inspired, people began envisioning and this is what catapulted these series’ to stardom.

Coming to the now, the sheen of these franchises are eroding over time. The inspired generations go into movie halls with expectations of what these films did decades ago only return disappointed-many felt that the films are no more original enough or the storylines aren’t good enough as they used to be. While the latter is subjective, the former point has more to do with the current times than originality.

When the franchises first launched decades ago, the world was devoid of drastic technological innovations. As such, the technologies showed by these films felt very much original and futuristic. Coming to the present when touchscreens are ubiquitous, AR and VR are a reality and other “imagined” technologies of the films are an integral part of today’s life, the definition of what’s futurisitic has changed for people. More than touch screens and holograms, interstellar travel and other unimagined ideas would be perceived as original and futuristic for the current crowd. And this is where these franchises are failing at-they are playing the nostalgia cards over adapting the inspirations with time. Without a redefinition of what’s cool and futuristic, people a few decades later will feel these franchises as regular productions instead of a sci-fi franchises. As such to keep things fresh and inspiring, it is highly important to redefine the factors of imaginations with time, to keep on maintaining the distance of the strength of these franchises with their defined future i.e. if Star Wars showed technology 100 years ahead in the future 30 years back, their current imagined technologies should be set 100 years from now instead of 100 years from 30 years back. This is how inspirations has to be adapted with time.

Thank you for your time.

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