Living The Rockstar Life

We get one chance at life and we have a choice on how to live it-let is pass by in an average manner or live the life of a rockstar. Each person will have a different choice for the way they want to live it (and that’s totally ok). But if a person want to live the life of a rockstar, here are a few tips to get started with:

1. Who is a rockstar?
The first step is to gain clarity on who a rockstar is i.e. what does success mean for the rockstar, how does he/she lives and leads their life, how is their health and so on. This is essential to define right at the beginning because without clarity of vision, it is difficult to focus one’s effort towards a particular direction.

2. How does a rockstar think?
Once the rockstar is defined for a person, the next step is to take a deep dive into its psychology-how does the rockstar handle stress, how he/she connects with other people for social connections, how does the rockstar react to an unforeseen circumstance etc. And then the person should behave psychologically in the same manner to start transforming self’s attitude to that of the rockstar. Because at the end of the day, everything starts with one’s attitude towards life and its happenings.

3. How does a rockstar act?
The last phase is to analyze in details as to how the rockstar will act in a particualr situation-is the act bold, fearless or rebellious? Once his/her actions are pinned down to it’s minutest details, it’s time to behave just like a rockstar. And soon, these acts and thoughts will one day be your own, that of a rockstar. Cause fake it till you make it.

See you tomorrow!!!

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