3 Life Aspects To Work Upon

Proliferation of technology and advancements across different fields has presented us with opportunities like never before. And along with it, the confusion of which option to select that can yield the best results for us in terms of satisfaction and other materialistic gains.

In terms of subjects, gaining mastery requires monomaniacal focus on one field only. But life is far more complex to attain fulfilment only through mastery. It requires a proper balance across different aspects to end up with a life well-lived.

While focusing on too many things results in a confused progression of things ultimately leading to dissatisfaction, a focus on only one may, at times, improve only one aspect of life at the cost of the rest. As such, we need to first define snd then action on 3 different aspects to gain a balance that provides joy and peace at the end of the day. And these 3 aspects are as follows:

Health: Before everything else comes one’s health. And it is the sole yet unspoken reason people want to earn well-besides buying all the things required, people want to feel secure of having enough money to see them through any health crisis. Yet the irony is, people focus on the monetary aspect at the expense of their health which in turn leads to spending all the hard-earned money to recover their health. Just imagine, you’re a trillionaire with terminal cancer. Sad, right? Exactly, without health nothing holds value in life. In fact health and time are the two things which are unaffordable to anyone. So it is extremely important to engage in activities that keeps you healthy. Only through health can one enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Passion: A monotonous life possess the dangers of leading one to depression. An uninspired life makes one go hurry through it towards their end in the hope of attaining fulfilment. To keep the spark alive in you, to live life fully as it has always meant to be lived, it is important to keep the creativity alive by doing things that you’re passionate about, getting involved in things that ignites the fire within you. A conscious, sincere effort should be made to keep the child within you alive with joy.

Wealth: Building wealth is important to support oneself and near and dear ones in times of monetary crisis. And also to enable one to fulfil her/his needs and wants. It also affords a sense of security which in turn brings a sense of peace and comfort from the fact that the person is covered to see through any unforeseeable rainy days. So it is important to work on things what brings in wealth.

In short, we all have one life and how we make the most of it depends on tending to these 3 aspects of being healthy, passionate and wealthy.

See you tomorrow !!!

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  1. Great thoughts! I myself try to move the needle on these main things every day: health, wealth, mental, spirituality. As long as I’m moving forward in these four areas every day, then all is good.

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