The Goodbye Of The Fake People

In general, a person has only a handful of true friends and family, the rest are attracted towards your well-being over the person you are. And well-being here means your success, your happiness, your good mood and all things positive.

Anyone will always try to avoid negativity and that’s justified but people have phases in life which are neith positive or negative and it is here that the fake ones bid their good byes, often surprising you and angering you. But as the old saying goes, “whatever happens is for your own good”.

Coming back to the primary point, do you feel surrounded and well-accepted by people when everything goes on properly in life? That’s because people are attracted towards positivity like moths towards light. But when you are struggling in life or in a down position in life, most of the time you would be braving the situation all alone. Often you attempting ti reach out and connect to someone will be reverted with absence of any response, messages will go read but avoided but that’s ok. Because nothing tests loyalty like trying times. These are the moments when you are able to distinguish the true supports in your life from the rest. These are the moments when the fake people bid goodbye making way for the genuine ones to be recognized.

So the next time you feel low yet ignored by people, know that those are the ones worth keeping away from.

See you tomorrow !!!

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